“It was quite difficult to choose an online institution; naturally I was a bit sceptical and wondered about the legitimacy and credibility of those institutions I had found through internet searches. I selected three schools, the criteria being the clarity of information on their websites. To make the final determination I checked each site’s accreditation page to see if I recognised or heard of the body granting accreditation. 

I studied the 180-hour Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with Teaching English for Business and English to Young Learners. I did the course while working full time as a Flight Attendant. Initially, I was hoping to complete in six months but my deadline caused me to make careless mistakes; my personal tutor was perceptive enough to advise me to take my time. Advice I heeded! Having studied for my Bachelors of Law degree I felt this would be a breeze, but I soon discovered it was no easy task. The course components were methodical, the structure was clear, logical and effective. The information was delivered in concise chunks directly applicable to the topic being studied. The knowledge gained is indispensable but the main benefits derived from doing assignments and receiving individual feedback.

My tutor was patient and gave valuable feedback and suggestions which proved instrumental in my successful completion of the online course. I think success is measured tangibly (receiving an award) and intangibly – i.e. the internalisation of the knowledge gained on an enlightened mind culminating in its expression. This course has been successful for me and I recommend it to potential teachers like myself.”

Stacy Richards
East Sussex, England

“I completed the 2 week in-class TEFL certificate with Anglo Centres in March 2013. I spent a long time researching on the internet before deciding on the best course for me. The main reasons I chose this course were because it included face to face classes with an experienced TEFL trainer, as well as the opportunity to practice teaching with real students at the school. It also led to a 140 hour certificate in a relatively short space of time and the price was very reasonable compared with other centres.

Our teacher was very knowledgeable with many years experience in TEFL and he made the input sessions interactive and engaging. We were given lots of support throughout the course and the class size was very small so the sessions were personalised to our needs. The input sessions in the mornings prepared us well for planning and teaching lessons in the afternoon/evening. After teaching we were always given constructive feedback, which really helped us to reflect and improve. The work was quite intense as there was so much material to cover and teaching practice to complete in 2 weeks, but this meant that I came away at the end feeling that I’d learnt such a lot and that it was definitely a worthwhile and valuable experience.

Anglo Centres TEFL were also able to recommend accommodation options before I arrived, which saved me a lot of time. I stayed in a great aparthotel in the centre of Tarragona which was a 5 minute walk from the school, as well as lots of shops and the beach.

As I enjoyed my TEFL experience at Anglo Centres so much, I am now applying for jobs in Spain for the next academic year. I would definitely recommend Anglo Centres TEFL to anyone looking to do a TEFL qualification.”

Emily Kitson
Bath, England

“My experience studying with Anglo Centres TEFL has been excellent.  I completed the 180-hour online TEFL with Teaching Business English and Young Learners.  The quality of the materials is superb and has additionally well-prepared me for further studies after this initial teaching qualification.  This certificate is in-depth and I really learnt and consolidated a lot of knowledge which I had picked up through teaching alone, so even if you have been teaching for a long time without formal guidance, I would recommend this course for you. Although the course is less personal as it’s over the internet, the organisation and attention to detail of material and feedback has made it a motivating and worthwhile experience where other online courses fail! My tutor was really experienced and provided help and support to any questions I had, responding promptly, which was also important to me.”

Jayne Wojtasik
Birmingham, England

“I had considered a few organisations and TEFL courses before deciding on Anglo Centres TEFL – I applied for the Online 180-hour TEFL Certificate with Teaching Business English and Young Learners.   The style of online learning suited my preference to work at my own pace, and it was flexible to fit in with my changing timetable. I found the course to be consistent and extensive, with informative literature and well-sourced references. The work was more intensive than I was expecting, but this actually made me feel like I had made a good choice in picking a quality course and, certificate aside, it has been interesting and worthwhile. The units that were specific to teaching Business English and Young Learners tied in cohesively to top-up the knowledge gained from the standard TEFL course. Overall, I have had a very positive experience – I would recommend this course, and Anglo Centres TEFL in general.”

Michelle Cheung
Manchester, England

“I recently completed the 4 week Advanced Certificate in TEFL with Anglo Centres, in Tarragona. Prior to undertaking the course I was studying for a Masters degree in TESOL and I felt I could benefit from receiving practical teacher training. I decided to undertake the course with Anglo Centres for a number of reasons. The first reason being the course fee. I found the price to be quite competitive and Anglo Centres TEFL offered excellent value for money for the 220 hour TEFL course. In addition, Anglo Centres is based in a great location in a vibrant city close to Barcelona, which has its own identity. The course campus is based in the town centre and within walking distance of cafes, bars and shops. The staff at Anglo Centres TEFL was supportive throughout and endeavoured to accommodate my needs whenever possible. The course itself was engaging and interesting while at the same time providing excellent and relevant training. I would recommend this course to anybody who is seeking to begin a career in TEFL in Spain”.

Neill Wylie
Dublin, Ireland

“My  experience with Anglo Centres TEFL and their online FTBE (First Certificate for Teachers of Business English) program was a rich and useful one. This preparation course has helped me to understand the features of teaching ‘Business English’ and furthermore has shown me how to become an effective BE teacher. The assignments I had to submit really made me think and the constructive feedback from my trainer guided me to reflect upon my answers. Now my perspective of teaching business English has changed positively, since, I taught business English in the past but in a completely different way!

Now I am confident that I will be able to achieve a high score on the LCCI FTBE exam and this is all thanks to the guidance I received from my trainer who was very professional and cooperative.

I would strongly recommend doing this course with Anglo Centres TEFL and I believe anyone would be satisfied with this program in the end.”

Taiseer Mirghani
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

“My experience with Anglo Centres TEFL was in general very positive.

I took the combined 220-hour course and it was certainly harder work than I expected. The trainers have high standards but equally high is the level of support you get throughout the course and in the end I could feel the hard work paying dividends as I was much more confident and in control during my teaching practice than I ever expected to be.

It took me nearly 3 months to finish but I took the distance learning at a fairly relaxed pace. I guess you can do it in less than that although I would not recommend rushing it as some things take time to sink in.

As far as my experience goes, the certificate I was awarded has recognition and acceptance worldwide – I have been able to find jobs in two continents thanks to it. In fact, I was offered a job in Tarragona even before I finished the course which I ended up not taking because I had my mind set on Prague, which is where I am teaching at the moment, after a short spell in Taiwan.

I would strongly recommend taking the course to anyone thinking about learning to teach English. At the end of it you will be glad you took it and feel confident and  prepared to teach anywhere (which I had always found rather daunting)”

Thomas Willis
Leeds, England

“My experience with Anglo Centres TEFL in Tarragona, Spain was extremely satisfying as well as fruitful. The 180-hour Online TEFL course was intense and very well planned. I was able to follow the theory clearly and precisely and if any doubts arose, they were promptly cleared up by my tutor who was always available. I also enjoyed the Teaching English for Business and Teaching English for Young Learners  units which have helped me find excellent employment. The work was challenging but by maintaining a certain rigor and discipline in my study methods I was able to learn and enjoy it at the same time. I am now working practically full-time but with a desire to continue my education with some specialization courses down the road. Thank you Anglo Centres!”

Luís Delclos
Tarragona, Spain

“In reference to the Online 180-hour TEFL Certificate I have taken, I have had a eye opening experience into the world of teaching. The course is well structured and well explained, allowing me to learn comfortably from my own home. I feel as though I am expanding slowly and surely and growing in confidence through the aid of well placed and planned tasks throughout the modules. The course is broken down as such that each subject can be covered thoroughly and I finish the unit feeling as though I have retained the learning focus. To begin with, I felt a little overcome with the all the terminology, thinking that I would never be able to store it all to memory. Through engaging and well thought-out activities I now feel more confident in my learning focus”.

Verity Stevens
Mallorca, Spain