Terms and Conditions

Candidates registered as students on any of Anglo Centres TEFL’s courses must abide by the following terms and conditions: 

  1. By completing the application process candidates accept to be bound to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

  2. Candidates/participants must provide Anglo Centres TEFL with contact and personal information that is authentic and true.

  3. In order for applicants to be suitable candidates for any course, they need to meet the entry requirements of the specific course they are applying for. In order for applicants to be officially enrolled on a course they need to pay the course fees, or first instalment as agreed with the centre. Course fees include tuition and online course materials. Applicants who are successful will receive an acceptance email officialising their status as a member on the TEFL / TESOL certificate course they have been accepted on.

  4. Acceptance onto a course is at the sole discretion of the Course Director. If payment has been received and the application is subsequently declined a full refund of fees paid shall be provided.

  5. Course payments cannot be transferred from one student to another.
  6. Anglo Centres TEFL is not liable for the health and safety of course members.

  7. Course members will need to follow the course programme as established by the course syllabus. Anglo Centres TEFL reserves the right to update course contents, including the title of the awarded qualification, without prior notice.

  8. Should a course require the use of set course books or published materials, these will need to be obtained and purchased by the candidate.

  9. Course members will be assigned a tutor upon registration who will be responsible for overseeing the candidate’s work throughout the entirety of their TEFL / TESOL certificate course.

  10. On online TEFL / TESOL certificate courses, communication between tutors and course members will be via e-mail. Tutoring sessions via video call may be arranged at the centre’s discretion.

  11. Course members need to meet course standards to be awarded a TEFL / TESOL certificate.  On online courses candidates must receive a pass grade on all course units or modules. Candidates may re-submit units or modules that failed to achieve the minimum pass mark twice. Candidates who do not meet these criteria will not be awarded a course certificate.

  12. On course completion, successful candidates will receive a certificate and a course transcript.
  13. Anglo Centres offers TESOL / TEFL courses which are externally accredited by approved international accreditation bodies. Candidates’ details will be provided to the Awarding Body, who may keep a register of each candidate’s details.

  14. Course members have the right to communicate with their tutors as frequently as they need to, although discretion is advised, and may book tutoring sessions should they feel they need extra assistance in producing work which is up to the required standards.

  15. In order to be awarded a course certificate candidates must pass their course to the required standard and pay all fees in full.

  16. Course participants who are dissatisfied with the tutoring or grades they are receiving have the right to appeal to the Course Director. Anglo Centres TEFL will facilitate the forms and information so candidates can do so. Should a candidate request to be assigned a new distance learning tutor it will be Anglo Centres TEFL’s prerogative to consider the issue and make a final decision in consultation with the Course Director. All decisions will be made in consideration and best interest of course members.
  17. Course participants are entitled to a refund of the course fees they have satisfied to date provided they cancel their course within ten days of first payment and no assignments for assessment have been submitted. After a ten-day trial period no refunds will be awarded, not even for courses (or parts of) that have not been commenced, except in the circumstance when it is deemed necessary to advise a trainee of his or her unsuitability to continue. This pertains to online/ distance learning, residential and combined TEFL / TESOL certificate courses.

  18. Anglo Centres TEFL reserves the right to cancel a candidate’s TEFL / TESOL certificate course if the work they are submitting is deemed not to meet the minimum required standards. In such a case, the candidate will receive a full refund minus the going administrative fee.

  19. Anglo Centres TEFL is not a job placement agency and cannot guarantee the provision of employment after course completion.
  20. Course and company information contained on the website or any other promotional materials is generally accurate. However, errors, changes, omissions or change of course dates as well as withdrawal of special offers may occur without notice. It is the candidate/ applicant’s responsibility to check with an Anglo Centre TEFL’s representative that information such as offers, dates, fees and course details are up to date.

  21. Participants on a TEFL / TESOL certificate course must submit work which is their own. Quotes from other authors will be duly referenced. Falsified, unoriginal or plagiarised works may be grounds for dismissal from the course without any refund.
  22. Participants may be removed from their TEFL / TESOL certificate courses if they haven’t satisfied the course fees as agreed with the centre. A participant who is paying by instalments and fails to keep up with his or her payments, will be issued a written warning giving the candidate a maximum of seven working days to pay whatever fees are due; failure to do so will result in dismissal from the course without any compensation or refund whatsoever.

  23. Inappropriate or offensive conduct or abuse towards any of Anglo Centres TEFL’s training or administrative staff may be grounds for dismissal from the course without any refund.

  24. Anglo Centres TEFL will hold all candidates’ personal information confidential.

  25. Anglo Centres TEFL abides by an equal opportunities and rights policy.

These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with Spanish law. Both parties are entitled to seek the enforcement of these terms in a court of law of Spain.