Whether you would like to earn a living while living abroad, or have a stable means of employment internationally or in your country of residence, a well-respected TEFL / TESOL qualification may well be what you are looking for.

When choosing your initial TEFL / TESOL qualification you should consider whether the course you are interested in has been granted accreditation by a competent external organization.

What is accreditation?

An accredited TEFL / TESOL course is one which is externally validated by a competent organization which testifies to the quality of the course contents and administration. This ensures courses are run to meet high standards of education. Anglo Centres TEFL as an official training centre for INTESOL WORLDWIDE offers TEFL / TESOL certificate courses which are accredited by external validating bodies that enjoy international recognition and whose qualifications are accepted worldwide, including ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), an independent, international accreditation organisation born from decades of experience in the provision of quality assured English language education and training.

Whilst there isn’t a single accrediting authority there are certain organizations which have gained respectability over the years as serious Awarding Bodies whose qualifications are widely-accepted on an international level. Some of these are:


ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) is an independent, international accreditation organisation born from decades of experience in the provision of quality assured English language education and training.  In addition to accrediting online language schools we are dedicated to the development and provision of internationally recognised Awards of Achievement for professionals that require recognition at various levels of achievement in the use of English language for vocational purposes. It is our mission that the awarding of our qualifications denotes a guarantee to any student or employer worldwide that the holder of the award, and the centre that delivered the course of study leading to the award, have met a certain set of standards. As such, we work with online language schools and e-learning course providers that share our commitment to excellence, quality and success, thus ensuring that the meaning of the award is upheld.

Standards are essential in the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages. This is especially true in the case of free-standing TEFL / TESOL distance programmes.

ALAP is one of the few internationally recognised independent accreditation bodies for stand alone TESOL / TEFL courses whose regulatory function aims to benefit all who are interested in raising standards and protecting the public.

There are many course providers who are not accredited by any external independent body and who simply accredit themselves. Some are ‘accredited’ by ‘virtual’ universities which are not recognised universities in any commonly understood sense. The anonymity of cyberspace can provide ideal camouflage for some unscrupulous operators offering non-accredited distance ELT programmes. Such providers are not subject to regular inspection or external audit. The really first class ELT course organisers take pride in their provision and prove it with accreditation.


The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) International Qualifications is one of the world’s largest providers of business related vocational qualifications. Their qualifications are currently offered in 120 countries and are highly regarded by employers, professional bodies and governments globally as a mark of the highest standard. Universities too, recognize LCCI’s Certificates and Diplomas for admission into their degree programs. LCCI has over 4,000 centres worldwide and takes over 500,000 examination entries every year.

LCCI tests the business skills that are in demand in today’s workplace. Students and professionals know that LCCI Certifications allow them to build a career, from junior to management levels in a wide range of specializations in the workplace. International companies who use LCCI to satisfy their training and development needs look for LCCI International Qualifications when recruiting and use their qualifications to upgrade the skills of their existing workforce. This is why LCCI International Qualifications are known as international Passports to Employment.

Cambridge ESOL

Teaching English to speakers of other languages can be a highly rewarding career, offering you the chance to live and work abroad. You will need an internationally recognised teaching qualification, and CELTA is highly regarded throughout the world, giving you the skills you need to get a teaching job anywhere.

CELTA is an initial qualification for people with little or no previous teaching experience and opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities.

Trinity College London

Trinity is a leading provider of qualifications for teachers in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). We have been validating courses and awarding qualifications for over 30 years and ours are among the most widely recognised and respected in the industry.

Teacher training qualifications to suit you.

Whether you are starting out on an English language teaching career, or looking to step up to a more senior teaching or management post, Trinity has a qualification for you.

Trinity qualifications are widely recognised by employers and education authorities around the world. There are over 100 Trinity validated course providers offering a range of our TESOL courses worldwide.